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Some frequently asked questions about St. Luke Union Church are listed below.

What kind of church is St. Luke Union?
We are a faithful community of worshipers, intentionally created and called by God and guided by the Holy Spirit, focused on developing and enhancing our personal relationship with God. Members and guests nurture and support one another, our Bloomington/Normal community, and others we encounter in this global, multicultural world we share. We seek to better understand God’s will and to demonstrate God’s unconditional love of all creation as a faithful and joyous non-denominational congregation.

Where does St. Luke Union Church come from?                                          St. Luke Union Church formed in 1975 with the joining of St. Luke Congregational and Union Presbyterian churches. St. Luke Union Church now has denominational ties to both the Presbyterian (USA) and the United Church of Christ.

How long has St. Luke Union Church been in the area?
What is now St. Luke Union Church originally opened its doors in 1975. For a complete chronicle of the church’s unique and interesting development, visit our History page.

Where is St. Luke Union Church located?
We are located at 2101 E. Washington St. in Bloomington, Illinois, just a few blocks west of Veteran’s Parkway. You also may view a map of our location.

Who is the pastor?
Our installed pastor is Reverend Doctor Andrew J. Gifford. Read more about our pastor on our staff page.

What should I wear to a worship service?
St. Luke Union does not enforce a dress code. However, since this question is often asked, adults typically wear casual or business casual clothes, while children often are dressed in something comfortable. Congregational members come from a variety of diverse backgrounds, so we encourage you to be yourself.

Where does funding for St. Luke Union Church come from?
St. Luke Union Church is completely funded by the voluntary donations of its members. Visit our forms page to view a copy of our most recent annual report.

What if I still have questions?
If you have additional questions, please contact us to speak with a friendly St. Luke Union Church representative, or learn more about our Vision and Ministry Council and explore the history of St. Luke Union Church.

What if I wish to become a member of St. Luke Union Church? Pastor Andy holds new member classes several times a year where he and other members of the church meet three separate times. These meeting are used to get to know one another, come to a better understanding of our church’s way of ministry, and to answer any questions persons should have.