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We are an active, caring community proclaiming the Word of God. We seek to know God’s will as individuals and as a church, to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, to practice Christian discipleship, and to demonstrate Christ’s unconditional grace and love for all.


The Fall Group Sale and Bake Sale is Coming Soon!


Friday, October 16th @ 9-5                                                               

Saturday, October 17th@ 9-12 ($3 per bag or 1/2 price day)

Gently used Christmas, household and kitchen items, clean clothing, books, toys, linens and jewelry.    Don’t forget to come for the home baked items!

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front parent pic webback parent webChildcare/Sunday school is available at the same time.

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All sorts of classes, activities, and opportunities to share the love of Christ are starting the week of Sept. 13th, 2015! To see specific activities, check out the Google calendar on the right of the home page.

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Come for a great breakfast, fellowship, and a devotion on: Friday, Oct. 2nd @7am-Shannon’s Restaurant


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Date: October 4th @5:00pm* (note the time change)


Recently from Pastor Andy’s Blog

Opening our Doors

James 1:17-18, Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation of shadow due to change. In fulfillment of his own purpose he gave us birth by the word of truth, so that we would become a kind of first fruits of his creatures.


Many of you my not have known of even realized that this summer, St Luke Union Church hosted a six week day camp in cooperation with Western Avenue Community Center. This day camp was for Jr High School aged students and was for the purpose of giving some 23 youth a safe place to be with structure and instruction in character and academic need. These students typical day began with either being dropped off here at church by parents or by being picked up by a Western Ave. van anywhere between 7:00am and 8:30am. Upon arrival they were given breakfast and then lead in a morning devotional. I had an opportunity to lead one mornings devotion and what I thought was to be a Biblical lesson of self respect soon turned to real life inquiry into how my understanding of respect could or couldn’t work in their ethnically different culture. Following morning devotional the students where then lead in what amounted to summer school with a primary goal being to help bring there students up to read level performance. These classes included math, reading and English and an independent study geared towards reaches ability. The three books read where: The Eye of the Tiger, The Book Thief, and I Am Malala. Book reading not being a particular favorite thing of many Jr High Students, each book focused on a tragedy that had befallen upon people their age and thus opened further discussions into the areas of; shootings, suicides, depression, drugs, alcohol, war and the dysfunctional family. Following lunch that was provided at 2nd Presbyterian the youth would either go on a field trip or entertain themselves with various games on the church’s back lawn. The afternoon was always filled with running screaming and flying of some type of ball past the window of the pastor’s study.

At the beginning of the camp I committed to youth that I would learn each of their names in case I ever ran across one another in the future. (I got about 80%) I also committed to myself to be known and available to the campers and the staff. Issues did arise, I had opportunity to debrief several evening with what was sometimes a frustrated staff, and I have some interesting conversations with the students. I also learned some lessons that perhaps we can all can take when being confronted by a culture we don’t completely understand.

  1. Each of the students that came to camp have a positive outlook on life and what they hope to accomplish. They have yet to be told they can’t or been sucked into a system that enables compliancy and does not encourage success.
  2. The culture most of these students come from plays by a different set of rules. They tend not to respect authority, both civil or academic.
  3. Respect to them comes more through force, strength and reputation, rather then through work, education, and achievement.
  4. They live in neighborhoods that have active gang activity, high divorce rates, larger teen pregnancy rates, and more violent crimes.


I don’t have a solution to the social issues and the cultural inconsistencies that make little sense in my mind, but I have come to see who these youth are as individual persons. That they are each valued children of God, and God wishes for them to achieve there full potential, as students, teammates, family members, and citizens of our community. Thank you members of St Luke Union Church for opening the doors to the students and staff of Western Avenue Community Center.

Pastor Andy

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