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Education – Sunday 9:00 AM

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Contemporary Worship– One Sunday a month at 5:00pm (see below for more specific info)

*Childcare available September- May (year round, the nursery is always open for parents to use when needed)

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We are an active, caring community proclaiming the Word of God. We seek to know God’s will as individuals and as a church, to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, to practice Christian discipleship, and to demonstrate Christ’s unconditional grace and love for all.


Join us for VBS 2016!


                           August 7th-11th, 2016                                        5:30pm-8:00pm @ First Presbyterian Church                              2000 E. College Avenue, Normal, IL

        Children 3yrs old-Entering 5th grade are invited to participate in               our Egypt VBS! To register your children, see the button at the             top of the page. This event is FREE! 

              Volunteers are wanted and needed!               Cat_LR                             Interested adults and students entering 6th grade or older, please use button on top of page to register. (Adult volunteers:   childcare is available for your children who are 6weeks-2yrs old)

We're partnering with First Presbyterian Church 
this year for a new and great experience! 


All Men are Invited to the…


Come for a great breakfast, fellowship, and a devotion on: Friday, June 3rd @7am-Shannon’s Restaurant


The Next Contemporary Service…


Date: TBD


Recently from Pastor Andy’s Blog

New Opportunities

Exodus 19: 5 Now therefore, if you obey my voice and keep my covenant, you shall be my treasured possession out of all the peoples. Indeed, the whole earth is mine.

The ground has been broken and the long awaited building project has begun. Out my office window there is much activity and the banging has commenced. The days of waiting in line for the restroom, an isolated far-away nursery, doing dishes by hand, and hauling tables up and down long stairways will soon be gone. Life here at the completion of this building addition will certainly make the things we do today much simpler. These thoughts sound wonderful to many of us but I must admit my thoughts are ones of the endless possibility of new ministries and outreach into the community of Bloomington/Normal, not the things we currently undertake.

Last month during the Vision & Ministry Council meeting I asked the church council to name some of the, “Islands of Possession,” they claim as their own here at St. Luke Union Church. Some of the “Islands” included; favorite pews in worship, storage closets, fellowship tables, parking spots, and the kitchen.

Program-wise examples of other “Islands of Possessions” would be; donuts after church, the choir, youth group, Sunday school, mission trips, retreats, mother-daughter banquets, and group sales. I then asked if, islands of possessions are good for the church and fulfilling the mission placed before us, or do they stagnate the greater mission? The reasoning for such self-examination is that we will have a 3,400 square foot addition by November of this year that will need to be used for the fulfilling of Jesus’ church’s mission. We can not simply use the addition for the increased efficiency of what we already do.

Here is one example of how we have begun to break down the existing “Islands of Possessions.” Before the building project began there was a need to remove asbestos ceiling tiles from a room formally known as the Youth Room.



While prepping this room, a great purge was undertaken to rid the building of old and unused items. When the room was eventually emptied we realized that we currently hold a great resource of space for ministry efforts yet to be discovered.


The youth of this church are important to the greater mission efforts but moving forward we will need to evaluate the best use of any space, or island of possession. The room formally known as the Youth Room is now to be referred to as Knox Hall. It will still be used by the church’s youth but will now be made available to any “off island” ministries.

The text shared from Exodus 19:5 makes the point that the greatest possession to God is the people of God, and that the world belongs to the one who created it. As the building project continues and we begin to see signs of transformation, we will need to let go of our islands of possession and embrace the wondrous possibilities of the potential ministries God is calling each of us to.


Peace of Christ,

Pastor Andy Gifford



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