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Education – Sunday 9:00 AM

*Worship – Sunday 10:30 AM *

Fellowship – Sunday 11:30 AM

Contemporary Worship– One Sunday a month at 5:00pm (see below for more specific info)

*Childcare available September- May (year round, the nursery is always open for parents to use when needed)

Mission Statement

We are an active, caring community proclaiming the Word of God. We seek to know God’s will as individuals and as a church, to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, to practice Christian discipleship, and to demonstrate Christ’s unconditional grace and love for all.



It’s Coming soon!

Spring Group and Bake Sale 


Friday May 6th — 9am to 5pm  

Saturday May 7th — 9am to 12pm*

Featuring Precious Moments figurines, cast iron skillets, household 
and kitchen items, clean clothing, books, toys, linens and jewelry.
 Don't forget to come for the home baked items!

*Saturday is $3 per bag or 1/2 price.

Remaining items taken to Home Sweet Home Mission.


A New Sunday Morning Class!

Join us any time!

front parent pic webback parent webChildcare/Sunday school is available at the same time.

Special Note: Please bring $8.00 for a copy of the book. Thanks!

All Men are Invited to the…


Come for a great breakfast, fellowship, and a devotion on: Friday, May 6th @7am-Shannon’s Restaurant


The Next Contemporary Service…


Date: TBD


Recently from Pastor Andy’s Blog

Our doors are Open

I am always drawn to articles of religion and faith in the newspaper. I think the reason is that I tend to read a lot of articles and books authored by people who are highly qualified and respected in the field of theology. What I would classify as thick books in structure and content in the area I find passion. So when an article about religion and faith finds it’s way into the newspaper I understand that the authors hold a limited amount of knowledge in the field and that they are writing to a different audience. This perhaps is the greatest draw for me as a tainted theological nerd and have almost always found insight and revelation into life in the Church.

Several weeks ago there was an article in the Pantagraph that spoke of the local Masjid Ibrahim Muslim mosque that was planning to offer an open house. The purpose of this open house was to welcome guests and introduce them to the Muslim faith. If was felt that with all the troubling situations occurring around the world, it would be helpful to offer an educational opportunity for non-Muslim people in the Twin Cities.

They hoped the result would be to perhaps find common ground in areas of faith and belief, and work toward an understanding of peace and cooperation in our local community. The response to this invitation from the interested residents of Bloomington/Normal was so overwhelming that they actually had to offer a second open house to interested people. This in itself says a great deal about the community we live in and our desire to coexist with all people of different faith, gender and ethnicity. As we look at the model that is seemingly failing in Europe, to isolate for the sake of retaining specific cultural rituals and laws, has only further polarized factions. Looking to the efforts in our home town speaks positively to our American culture and our willingness to assimilate all people for the building and betterment of the country. I would suggest that we continue to look for ways to teach and assimilate people into the American culture yet not disregard cultural differences.

This article did make me think about our community, and our opinions of different cultures and faiths.

But there was also something I would like to point out that never would have occurred to me. I know this would have never occurred to me because of the reality that we in the United States are predominantly a Christian Nation, with Christian ideals and a Hellenistic heritage. The Masjid Ibrahim Mosque thought to offer an open house and many came. They needed to give permission for others to come through their doors before people felt welcome. Which makes me wonder if the reaching out to people and welcoming of them through the doors of St. Luke Union Church perhaps is too often simply assumed. We do in actuality have an open house every Sunday morning at 10:30. The doors are also open from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday through Thursday, yet perhaps that invitation is not offered as much as it should be. I charge each of you who read this to extend an invitation to the ever present open house of Christ’s church. Bring them through the doors of St. Luke Union Church and show them the love and God and the community of Saints.


Peace of Christ,

Pastor Andy



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