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Education – Sunday 9:00 AM

*Worship – Sunday 10:30 AM *

Fellowship – Sunday 11:30 AM

Contemporary Worship- One Sunday a month at 6:30pm (see below for more specific info)

*Childcare available September- May (year round, the nursery is always open for parents to use when needed)

Mission Statement

We are an active, caring community proclaiming the Word of God. We seek to know God’s will as individuals and as a church, to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, to practice Christian discipleship, and to demonstrate Christ’s unconditional grace and love for all.



Christmas Cantata

 cantat22cThe choir will lead us in worship @ 10:30am on Sunday, Dec. 21st through a special selection of music.

The Christ Child is Coming!



Please come and worship with us at our Candlelight service on Wed. Dec. 24th @ 7:00pm.

All welcome!

Yummy treats following the service.

All Men are Invited to the…


Come for a great breakfast, fellowship, and a devotion on Friday, Jan. 9th at Shannon’s @ 7am.

The Next Contemporary Service…


Date: Jan. 11th, 2015 @6:30pm


Recently from Pastor Andy’s Blog

The Real Reason for the Season

Colossians 2:8 See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the universe, and not according to Christ.


Christmas is an interesting time. Please don’t get me wrong; I enjoy Christmas and all the fun things that come about because of the celebration of the birth of Jesus, but it also seems that Christmas is confusing and even taxing. In a previous writing I made a point that during the fall group sale here at St Luke Union Church the Christmas room held less than ten items that reflected Christ while several hundred more reflected secular and what people claim to be traditional items. In the past week I engaged in a conversation with my parents about the traditions of the season as we attempted to determine who would be together come Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Each year I also find my conversations with my wife Sandi concerning the tasks to accomplish before Christmas very stressful and even short tempered, and I have come to a Christmas conclusion. The involvement and preparation for what will take place on Christmas Day is simply a grand scheme of idolatry. Please don’t think I am a Christmas hater. I love the celebration of Christ’s birth but I am just not a fan of how the celebration takes place. To give perspective, break down the time you may spend on any Christmas activity: putting up, decorating and eventually taking down your tree, (Started 1000 years ago when Pagans used branches to decorate their homes during the winter solstice), going to see A Chrismas Carol or the Nut Cracker, (Both take place during Christmas, yet Christ is never mentioned), or the sending of Christmas letters, (tradition began around 1840 with the establishment of modern postage). The point being made is that we spend so much time filling traditions that we lose sight and put aside the birth of our Savior. When we replace Christ with tradition we disregard why the tradition was started in the first place, and when that occurs our tradition becomes nothing more than a form of idolatry.

Idolatry is not a topic for polite company but idolatry is confronted in the second commandment and was a major contribution to the troubles that faced Old Testament Israel. Chilean theologian Pablo Richard understands the dynamics of idolatry that we still face today when he writes:

We live in a profoundly idolatrous world—economically, socially, politically, culturo-ideologically, and religiously. We live crushed under the idols of an oppressive and unjust system. To live the demands of the faith in this context is not simply a “pious” or personal act; it necessarily entails a radical confrontation with that system.

Idolatry is a question of what we claim as tradition and a choice we make to live

as people of faith. Amongst all the time we will spend preparing for Christmas, amongst all the traditions we feel we must participate in during the coming days, make certain that Christ is primary and not secondary in your plans. Make certain that you take time to thank God for sending his son for the salvation of the world.


Merry Christmas, Pastor Andy