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We are an active, caring community proclaiming the Word of God. We seek to know God’s will as individuals and as a church, to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, to practice Christian discipleship, and to demonstrate Christ’s unconditional grace and love for all.


On July 19th-25th, please…


Eleven youth and four leaders will be in Wintersville, OH doing home repair. We covet your prayers as we travel and work! Thank you.

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Come for a great breakfast, fellowship, and a devotion on: Friday, Aug. 7th @7am-Shannon’s Restaurant

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Date: on break for the summer


Recently from Pastor Andy’s Blog

What is the Glory of God?

1 Samuel 4:22, The glory of God has departed from Israel for the art of the God has been


Psalm 19:1, The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his


Acts 7:55, Filled with the Holy Spirit, he gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God and Jesus

standing at the right hand of God.


In the last several weeks I have been called to serve two families of those who have passed away and one individual who was termed, “Actively dying.” (Which is a strange term that I plan never being coined with.) Each of these persons and families came to me with very different approaches and under-standings of what people of faith believe death brings. The first was one that came with a strong conviction to personal faith and the church. There will be for a long time feelings of loss, but hope is a guiding force because of a heavenly home and being made well. The second loss was one that came suddenly and without warning. Many questions remain and new needs must be met for the family that survives. This person didn’t retain a formal church disciple but you could always see the joy and love that God placed in their heart. In them was great hope and the expression of God’s love. The last person I met with is in the end stages of life and I was asked to come for support, prayer and to help in the many questions that remained. They had lived a fairly long life, was generally without physical need and had spent time within a community of faith. Where is God and why is this happening to me was the basis and blame for all their questions. I listened, I asked questions and I prayed that God would show God’s reality.

Over the last several months I have been looking into the “Glory of God.” What does it look like or even feel like? How do we know when the glory of God is present or even real? After supporting these three people and their families I find myself again wondering what is the reality of the glory of God for them? For those who have passed away I imagine this question is clear, but how do we bring someone the glory of God for those who remain?

I don’t have an answer and a newsletter article in the month of July is not a great place to

to attempt to resolve such a large question, but together I would like to begin a journey. A

journey that hopefully will help us each to see and experience the glory of God in our community

of faith and vocation of our lives. I have found some sixty references in scripture that name the

glory of God, each with a bit different picture of what it is, each with a different time and place

context. So here is our communal study into this great mystery.

  • What is the Glory of God?

Take some time and let me know, what is the glory of God to you? Where have you see

it, felt it, tasted it, or experienced it? I plan to eventually write or preach on this subject and

would appreciate your thoughts and input.

Ezekiel 8:4, The Glory of God was there, like the vision that I had seen in the valley.


Pastor Andy