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Sunday Worship Opportunities

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Education - Sunday 9:00 AM

*Worship - Sunday 10:30 AM *

Fellowship - Sunday 11:30 AM

Contemporary Worship- One Sunday a month at 6:30pm (on Break for Summer-check back in fall!)

*Childcare available September- May (year round, the nursery is always open for parents to use when needed)

Mission Statement

We are an active, caring community proclaiming the Word of God. We seek to know God’s will as individuals and as a church, to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, to practice Christian discipleship, and to demonstrate Christ’s unconditional grace and love for all.



Come and Shop!


New and Used Holiday decorations will be available for sale.                           Enjoy the holiday spirit while its 75 degrees out!
July 18th @ 9:00am  – 5:00pm
July 19th @  9:00am – 12:00pm


Fun Times!

 10341562_810292162314607_1062399208510366887_n                                          The Last SNAC of May 2014 -Fun and Messy Game Night!


Recently from Pastor Andy’s Blog

Moving From Shore to Boat

Matthew 13:2 Such great crowds gathered around him that he got into a boat and sat there, while the whole crowd stood on the beach.

I think when we hear this passage our imagination places Jesus on a boat that is very close to shore, but when I step foot on a boat in the waters of Lake Michigan it is typically after a long drive through the streets and highways of Chicago. When I climb aboard a boat, the first thing I wish to do is move far enough away from shore so I don’t have to deal with the crowds any longer. Here is a photo taken on Saturday June 14th while myself and the crew of the sailboat Eagle practiced for this year’s running of the Chicago to Mackinaw race.

Now there are a few things that should be noticed; first is the person standing on the bow of this boat is your pastor; second, we are about 8 miles from the city of Chicago. We are away from the crowds that are standing on the beach.

We are into ourselves and the task of making this 38 foot sailboat go as fast as the wind will allow. The problem with this is there is something missing. The missing piece of this picture is any competition, so even with all the practice we had no idea if the boat was being made to go top speed. We needed another boat to test our speed, and force us to make competitive adjustments.

A few weeks ago I preached on the subject of our future building project and the next week we began to see preliminary drawings and ideas of what St. Luke Union Church’s building could become. I hope and I pray that during this process we continue to open ourselves up to the crowds that press us into new waters and when our feet begin to be soaked that we will remain close enough to share and to serve God’s children.



Pastor Andy


This year’s Chicago to Mackinaw Race is July 19th and will be my 24th race.


Follow my progress at: http:/www.cycracetomackinac.com